Rise and Shine

Have you ever had the experience where you stumble upon something that changes your outlook on life? This anonymous quote found me at the perfect time and really inspired me, it reads:

“If you only take one piece of advice this should be it. You will always be too much of something for some people, and for others you will not be enough. But please, never shrink yourself for someone else. Never tame your voice. You are a force of nature. Like hurricanes, some will be fascinated by you. Some will spend their whole lives chasing you. Some will lock their doors and hide. What I’m trying to say is that even though storms are beautiful, there will always be those that will run from them, and although you think you can’t live without the ones who do, in time you will come to see that you were created to be extraordinary, and the value of a incredible painting is not decreased by those who cannot see it’s worth.” – Anonymous

Finally. I realized that I am who I am for a reason, a purpose. I was not born into this world to shrink away and crawl through life, unnoticed. The words my mother said to me at the dawn of a new day suddenly had so much meaning, “Rise and Shine”. If I am to inspire people and serve this world I must celebrate myself, with all my strengths and flaws. I accept that there will be exciting adventures and difficult trials to endure, that I will make mistakes and fall.

Ultimately, I trust the universe will take me where I need to go to fulfill my purpose – and I hope you will too.

With love, friends. Shine on and share your stories. ♥

8 thoughts on “Rise and Shine

  1. Very nice quote! I think INFJs are people who always want to serve others and receive so much joy when they see others doing well. But I think that it is also important that they also devote time to serving themselves as well as that is quite often overlooked which can lead to burnout and feelings of loss. I am happy that you have discovered this through that great quote 🙂

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    1. Hi Joe! Yes that feels so true to me. I have noticed my life take a positive turn once I started my journey on serving myself as well as others. Thank you for your support. 🙂


  2. Oh, I love this! It fits very well with my post on INFJ complexities. We are too much and not enough. We are a storm, bringing healing and pain. We’re everything, which can seem chaotic, but also….beautiful. Thanks for sharing that quote!

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  3. I love it when that happens. Great quote! Definitely believe in that. I’m learning I just have to be myself and not worry about how people respond.

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