Reflection #5: INFJ Purpose Blueprint

Today is the first day of the rest of my life. For real. Today my journey begins on rediscovering my INFJ soulprint, to finding my purpose! How is this possible you may ask? I’ll tell you.

It all began on a cold winters morn’ in January of 2016. I stumbled upon IntrovertSpring. An amazing website created by Michaela Chung to inspire and touch the lives of all the introverts in all the lands. Sounds like a fairytale, doesn’t it? Well just you wait! It gets better. Funny, that sounds like something I heard when I was 13..

Within this website there was a forum. Not just any forum! No, a special forum.. for special people. People who only make up less than 1% of the population. INFJs.

Now, these people must be pretty special if they were able to score their own forum on IntrovertSpring! The truth is they are. Each and every one of them has been blessed with a special gift by the great and powerful Universe! They have superpowers too. Okay, we’re getting off track.

I found this special forum in January and as soon as I joined it, I felt like I had found my home. For the first time in my life, I didn’t have to pretend to be something I wasn’t, or hide pieces of myself. There was a community that I could be a part of. I fit in.

My heart has so much to say about this experience. It is hard to stay focussed on just one amazing aspect. Purpose. Me. Identity. Soulprint. The INFJ Purpose Blueprint was created! My ticket to the creative, exciting (yet peaceful) and fulfilling future I have always dreamed of!

My insecurities try to hold me back; but I will open my soul if it means I will wake up every morning, excited to live my life.

Do you ever have a desire to discover what makes you feel alive? Do you know what your purpose is? I hope I will soon.

With love, friends – shine on. ♥

18 thoughts on “Reflection #5: INFJ Purpose Blueprint

  1. I am so honored, and humbled to read this my friend! 🙂 Your journey of discovering your purpose has begun, and I promise you that it will be magnificent! 🙂


  2. Hi! I’m finding my way into the blogging world as I recently discovered I’m an introvert. And I’m loving it! Quite liberating and overwhelming at the same time especially toI find people like me who struggle with the same things, but by far the best journey I have started, and hope to continue for many many years. I hope you do find your purpose in this journey and share about it, too.


    1. I am so happy to hear that you are loving your introvert discovery and journey! It can be difficult but it is definitely rewarding too. I will forsure share about my journey and I look forward to hearing more from you as well! 🙂


      1. I just signed up. It’s really nice to have a place to talk to other INFJs out there. There are so many topics in the forums, I’ll have to go back when I have more time. 🙂


  3. Isn’t it the best when you find a place where you fit in. Such a good feeling. I remember a similar thing when I joined Personality Cafe and read the discussions for other ISTJs. It’s like they were me – hehe.


      1. Oh no, I don’t visit that website anymore. But if I ever get in one of my no-one understands my ISTJ nature funks, I know I can go there and smile and laugh at the words of people who are like me.


  4. I actually found your blog from your self improvement obsession article on – loved it. And loved this. Finding both these sites is actually sorta like a fairytale. It is as powerful as one at least. I feel like I am home.


    1. Wow thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful words! They mean a lot to me and I am happy that my words can make you feel that way! Feel free to look around and comment on whatever you’d like! Have a wonderful day 🙂


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