Scared to Silence

Once there was a little girl
Her skin was white as snow
And everywhere her father hit
A bruise was sure to show
And so he used his words instead
They cut her to the bone
All she dreamed of desperately
was being left alone.

Each day she’d tiptoe lightly
Around her only home
For if she tread too heavily
His words would feel like stone
Smashing through her fragile heart
As though it made of glass
She wished she were invisible
For the fear she felt was vast.

Years went by
The scars grew thick
around her tender heart.
She found the day, she finally would
Get her fresh new start.

Now she wonders to herself
Why did he do her wrong?
She always thought a fathers love
Should be beautiful and strong.
Instead she felt a failure
To this man she called her dad.
For if this was, what love really was
Why did it hurt so bad?