New Beginnings

flower in concrete

Being me, I want what I create to be beautiful and perfect. I want to be great at something as soon as I start. I want it to come naturally and not have to work at it. I also want to be honest and real. I want to reveal things for what they are and shed new light. I want to be inspirational and for people to find meaning in my words.

I waited for inspiration to hit. Then it did. I waited for the perfect words to come to me. Then they did. I started writing and then.. nothing. It was gone as fast as it came. I got frustrated, I shut my laptop and slid it across the floor. I moved on. Days passed, I glanced at my laptop and felt frustration. I failed before I barely even began. Who was I to think I could do this? I’m no writer. I have no experience. People work their whole lives at this and I just thought I could pick it up and glide on through. So I stopped.

Then I came back. I realized that I can do whatever I want. I can create something beautiful. Even if it’s not perfect to me, maybe it will be perfect to someone else. So I will start at the beginning. I created an area on my blog to put my thoughts and feelings into words. Someplace they didn’t have to be perfect, or exceed my expectations; my reflections.

It won’t be perfect, but it will help me grow into myself and be a place to practice for the meaningful and inspirational posts that I will one day create.

It will be real, it will be raw, it will be me.